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Business Profile: ChapCare Pasadena

- Photo by Amelia Favela

– Photo by Amelia Favela

By Amelia Favela

Community Health Alliance of Pasadena (ChapCare) has become widely known as the center that provides underserved community members an opportunity to receive first-rate healthcare services. With four facilities throughout the Pasadena area, residents never have to go far to receive top-tier treatment. The city serves as the root of all Southern California ChapCares, as the first ChapCare was established on Fair Oaks in 1998. During the past 17 years, the center has managed to branch three additional facilities within Pasadena alone – ChapCare Del Mar, ChapCare Lake, and ChapCare Lincoln – making its commitment to providing health services to the area unmatched.

ChapCare’s first location, ChapCare Fair Oaks, came to life at a time when Pasadena was in dire need of affordable healthcare. With the help of community leaders, a facility where low-income families could receive high-quality medical assistance was made available. Known as ChapCare’s main hub, this center has dental, vision, general, behavioral, women’s, and family health. All services, except dental and vision, are also available at ChapCare Lake, which is currently anticipating a newly renovated facility.

- Photo by Amelia Favela

– Photo by Amelia Favela

Community members who need to register for healthcare insurance can be guided at ChapCare Del Mar’s enrollment shop. As choosing the right insurance can often seem daunting, the center lightens the burden with Certified Enrollment Counselors that are provided through The Navigator Program. The selective federal program only partners with organizations that have proven to successfully help diverse populations obtain health insurance.

ChapCare Lincoln is the soon-to-be pediatric powerhouse. Currently, the center offers children’s dental and vision using state-of-the-art equipment. The dental rooms each have large flat screen TVs to entertain children while getting work done, and the eye exam rooms are managed with high-quality vision screening tools. In November, the center will be a full-on pediatric center as its newly constructed pediatric health department will open its doors.

- Photo by Amelia Favela

– Photo by Amelia Favela

Literally on top of children’s health services, ChapCare Lincoln will be including eight exam rooms for adults on the second floor. This has been made possible through the prestigious $1 million grant awarded to ChapCare by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). ChapCare is one of only 160 health centers in the U.S. to receive funding through these grants.

Another commendable achievement by ChapCare is its recent partnership with the Foothill Transit. In efforts to spread awareness on basic health, prenatal care, vision, and vaccines, ChapCare is sharing message boards on 330 transit buses and 5 transit stations from September 2016 till February 2016. This way, information necessary for residents can better reach them.

- Photo by Amelia Favela

– Photo by Amelia Favela

ChapCare gives patients at every facility the ability to access their medical records through its online portal called MyChart. The secure online database allows members to use the Internet to manage important medical information such as test results, appointments, prescription renewals, and much more.

The medical center looks forward to continuing its commitment to providing underinsured, uninsured, and insured families with top-rated medical care through more locations and expanded services.

Learn more about each Pasadena ChapCare by visiting

- Courtesy Photo

– Courtesy Photo

September 30, 2015

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