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Cleaning Up Your Body With The Whole30 Program

Alex Zendejas, Personal Trainer – Photo by Yajen Tan

By Yajen Tan

The Whole30 diet program is a brand new approach to wellness, that takes us back to our roots. The focus on the program is to stick to as many whole, unprocessed, foods as possible. That includes cutting out – sweeteners, grains, legumes, alcohol, soy, dairy, or anything that might come off as processed. I sat down with Alex Zendejas, a local personal trainer who just happened to be a week into the Whole30 diet, to see how he’s doing so far.


Alex’s main focus for the Whole30 program is to incorporate more whole, fresh, foods into his diet. Not only does this help the body out by boosting the amount of nutrients available, but it also significantly improves energy levels throughout the day. I personally experienced this myself, the first few times I decided to go with a salad instead of a burger while dining out. Surprisingly, I felt rejuvenated and energized after my meal, rather than sluggish and drowsy. Five years ago, I would’ve believed it, but now I know just how much better it feels afterwards.

At the end of week one, Alex says that a couple cravings have started to kick in at this point. What helps him the most is to make sure that he keeps all of his meals prepared and ready to eat. Not having to make that last minute decision, of what to eat, on an empty stomach can really be the difference between a good or bad decision.

Since the Whole30 diet doesn’t allow processed fats, most fats that Alex consumes come from unprocessed oils and whole foods. This is a little different from the previous program that Alex experimented with – the ketogenic diet.


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Overall, the Whole30 approach is something that I see to be very beneficial for the general population. I remember how I felt when I began incorporating more whole foods into my own diet. The result was higher energy levels, reduced brain fog, and a general sense of improved wellness throughout all of my body.

For anyone who is interested in trying out the Whole30 program, Alex recommends that they get used to grocery shopping and preparing as many meals as possible. Not only will that improve your rate of success for the program, but it’ll also save you some extra room in your food budget. If you aren’t able to prepare all your meals in time, try to do your research beforehand, and find a couple of restaurant options that will allow you to grab a quick bite without breaking your routine.

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March 19, 2018

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