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California attracts millions of tourists every year, but Arcadia is a neighborhood that is very rarely explored. However, with many attractions located around the community, it seems only a matter of time before it becomes a more accessible place for tourists to explore.

The name was taken from the Greek city with the same name, however, unlike its Greek ancestor; it is a thriving place for locals to live. Located 15 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, it has quickly become famous as a housing area. With the 2016 census finding that the population of the city is now 56,364; this is up from the 53,248 which was recorded in 2000. But, what can locals and tourists do when they are in the proximity?

Los Angeles County Arboretum

This incredible scenic experience is located at a historical site in the heart of the Rancho Santa Anita. Here you can explore 127-acres of botanical gardens, and is a perfect place for an exciting day out for the family. There is a fascinating history involved with this location, with the first recorded inhabitants coming 3000 years ago; they were known as Aleupkigna. However, 200 years ago the Spanish claimed the land.

Nowadays the lands are open to the public for educational and inspirational purposes. The team at the Los Angeles County Arboretum strive to educate visitors of Southern California’s community, distinct climate and innovation.

Santa Anita Park

Horse racing is always a good activity for a day out, and it is a sport that the whole family can get involved with. Meanwhile, the ability to bet remains with adults and isn’t something that children can do. expects the popularity of gambling to excel in sectors such as online casinos. However, Santa Anita Park is a perfect chance to have a day out, with some of the biggest races of the US calendar held here. In 2016, the Breeders Cup was held here for a record-breaking ninth time.

The track opened on Christmas Day in 1934, where it became the first formally-established racetrack in Calfornia. The biggest races to be competed here are the Santa Anita Handicap and the Santa Anita Derby; the first instalment of the prior mentioned race was run in February 1935. The 1958 Santa Anita Derby was attended by 61,123 people and continues to be the record attendance at the track.

Santa Anita Canyon

This picturesque location is housed in the San Gabriel Mountains and is perfect for those people that visit the area with an active lifestyle. It is the ideal way to spend a day hiking around the Angeles National Forest. The Canyon Loop isn’t short in size and lasts for 9.5 miles.

This means that it may not be ideal for a family day out. However, the main attraction of the 60-foot Sturtevant Falls is spectacular and well worth the day of hiking. In fact, the whole trail is full of beautiful scenery, with the trek path following canyon streams and pleasant nature.  The hike can be done in either direction; depending on whether you want to start at the Sturtevant Falls or conclude your journey there.

May 15, 2019

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