2018 Brings New Business to Arcadia

The tallest building in Arcadia, currently housing Bank of America in Arcadia. – Photo by Terry Miller

By Galen Patterson

2018 is expected to be an interesting year for development in Arcadia. On Dec. 7, economic development analyst for the city of Arcadia, Tim Schwehr, held a meeting at the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce for a preview of the upcoming year’s expected additions and renovations.

Bolwero, an alcohol-serving bowling alley will be moving into the lot that formerly housed Sport Chalet in the Santa Anita Mall. Bowlero is expected to close down its previous location and move to the mall.

The current Arcadia Self Storage facility located at 35 w. Huntington Dr. is proposed to become a modern food-vendor location, reminiscent of the Grand Central Market in Downtown LA, or the Anaheim Packing House in Anaheim. According to Mayor Peter Amundson, City Council has given a temporary blessing, pending the resolving of specific foreseen issues, such as parking. “Parking is a big concern,” says Amundson.

Arguably the most important development coming to Arcadia is the highly anticipated Delta Marriot hotel in what is currently known as the Santa Anita Inn.

Economic analyst for the city of Arcadia Tim Schwehr captivates members of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce with concept models and upcoming developments. – Photo by Galen Patterson / Beacon Media News


The Delta Marriot is expected to accommodate Arcadia’s high-occupancy rate in hotels, while providing a higher-end boarding experience in close proximity to the Santa Anita Mall and Racetrack. The hotel is expected to be full service with restaurants. “This is a four star-plus hotel we’re looking at,” says Amundson.

However, the negotiations with the company have not quite been sealed, but “It’s about as sure as you can get without actually breaking ground,” says Schwehr.

The city’s tallest building, currently housing the Bank of America at 150 N. Santa Anita has also recently gone up for sale, but off the market, allowing the sellers to privately select the prospects.

Several other developments are slated for the coming year, including residential living units and an 85 Degrees C. bakery, on the eastern side of town. “Development is just hot everywhere in this area,” says Schwehr.

Tim Schwehr walks his audience through the concept model of the highly anticipated Delta Marriot hotel. – Photo by Galen Patterson / Beacon Media News

December 12, 2017

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