Highly Anticipated H Mart Asian Market Opens in Arcadia



By Terry Miller


People have quipped that H Mart is a ‘cross between Whole Foods and your neighborhood Korean market.’  However one describes it, it is most certainly different and has an eclectic array of Asian foods.

On Friday, December 8, H Mart, an Asian-inspired grocer that began in New York in 1982, held a Grand Opening at the former Ralphs location on Huntington Drive in Arcadia.

It seemed the entire community of Arcadia turned out to welcome the new business including the Mayor and city councilmember and representatives of local legislators.

Brian Kwon, CEO,  who was in attendance at Friday’s huge gathering said with each H mart opening, he hopes to “reinvent the way people eat” by promoting South Korea’s “robust and unique food culture that also promotes a rich and healthy lifestyle.”

In addition to offering seasonal produce and seafood, H Mart makes traditional Korean favorites such as kimchi, seasoned squid and seaweed fresh every day. There are also cooking appliances, packaged foods and even food court choices.

H Mart, short for “han ah reum” or “one arm full of groceries,” is open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

December 8, 2017

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