APD Adds To Thin Blue Line

Dorothy's Article PictureFriends, family, and future co-workers gathered in Arcadia Council Chambers on Thursday, June 11, 2009 to observe the swearing in and badge pinning ceremony of two new officers to the Arcadia Police Department.
Though the department is operating under a hiring freeze, due to City budget cuts, natural attrition sometimes necessitates hiring replacements to maintain numbers at the level allowed under the freeze.
Chief Bob Sanderson said, “One of the very few upsides to the current economy is that, with more and more applicants available, it provides us an even better opportunity to attract the cream of the crop.  That is what we feel we have in these two officers.”  Both graduated from Rio Hondo Police Academy.
Officer Cameron Link was a Navy Corpsman from 10/2003 to 10/2008.  He served with Marines and was decorated with a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his service as a Line Corpsman with 1st Battalion, 11th Marines in Iraq from 7/2005 to 9/2007.
He graduated from Rio Hondo with a 93% GPA.
Officer Jay Lee holds a Bachelor of Science from San Diego State University(1995) and a Master of Fine Arts from University of Southern California(2000).  He worked in the entertainment industry and as an adjunct instructor at Citrus Community College before deciding to change careers to law enforcement.
He graduated from Rio Hondo with a 94% GPA.

By Dorothy Denne

June 18, 2009

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