Arcadia Aims to Increase Tourism and Makes Breakthrough in Residential Burglaries

Historically important and famous horse racing track Santa Anita Park is featured in a video hoping to increase tourism in the city. – File photo by Terry Miller/ Beacon Media News

By Galen Patterson

The Arcadia City Council convened for its regular bi-monthly meeting in the City Council Chambers at City Hall in Arcadia.

The city began the evening with a presentation of a new Arcadia tourism video. The presented video is part of a project to promote Arcadia. “The goal really is to bring new business investment to the city,” said City Economic Development Analyst Tim Schwehr.

The film focused on Arcadia’s tourism attractions from a county-wide standpoint, and also was designed to inform people from outside the area who happen to be travelling in the area. The video highlighted historically important and famous horse racing track, Santa Anita Park, the Westfield Mall (known locally as something of an epicenter of cuisine inspired by the Eastern Hemisphere), the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden, the Arcadia Performing Arts Center, 626 Night Market and more.

“That’s a … good, exciting video we hope will generate some interest in the city and I think a different image than we’ve had before,” said Assistant City Manager Jason Kruckeberg.

The video was produced by Surge Consulting LLC, a company that Arcadia has partnered with in the past to produce films of a similar nature, including the film that was shown showcasing Arcadia in the 2017 Eddy Awards in which Arcadia won the “Most Business-Friendly City Award.”

Arcadia Police Chief Bob Guthrie gave a brief report to the Council on crime in the city. One achievement the Police Department has gained in recent weeks was the cracking of codes on cell phones recovered from a captured burglar. The phones showed a wider web of connections between the burglar and a recently-notorious ring of burglars in the county. Some of whom are believed to be the burglars targeting celebrities and making recent county-wide headlines.

The burglars are all believed to be gang-related. “We have a couple of these guys in custody, we’re looking for the other 8-10 or so out on the run,” said Chief Guthrie. “I do believe this group has been responsible for a number of burglaries in our town and the surrounding area,” he said.

Former Sheriff’s Deputy and current council member Roger Chandler commended the Arcadia Police Department for their service to the county. “I don’t know of too many agencies that would do that on residential burglaries,” he said in regards to the technology used to crack the phone codes.

December 5, 2018

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