Arcadia Bids Farewell to Board Members and Welcomes Newly Appointed

Director of Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation, Maki Hsieh will be leaving Arcadia for Seattle. – Courtesy photo

On the evening of July 16, Arcadia said farewell to several out-going commission members and the current director of the Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation.

Maki Hsieh, the director of the Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation, was presented with a certificate of commendation for her work with the city.

Hsieh is credited with bringing several big-name acts to the city over her 2.5 years of service, including Paul Anka, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Air Supply, The Golden Dragon Acrobats, and “many other world class artists,” said Mayor Verlato.

The mayor also read a list of various accomplishments and donations that have been achieved under the leadership of Hsieh.

In an emotionally charged speech to the city, Hsieh shared many things she loved about Arcadia. “[Arcadians] embrace legacy, tradition and culture in a way that nobody does,” said Hsieh.

The council thanked Hsieh, and wished her luck on her new venture. Hsieh resigned to take a new position in Seattle, Wash.

A major item of business on the agenda was the changing of board members on city boards and committees. Almost all out-going commissioners were not in attendance, with the exception of Joyce Platt.

Former educator Joyce Platt was also recognized for her work with the Senior Citizens Commission and the Traveler’s Club in Arcadia. Platt was presented with a plaque of recognition for her service to Arcadia.

An incoming board member commented on Platt’s service in the city, “I think it’s a pleasure and an honor to be doing this and be following Joyce Platt, whom I still call Superwoman.”

Newly appointed board members are as follows:

  • Gary Brewer, Arcadia the Beautiful Commission.
  • Kaitlyn Jeong, Human Resources Commission.
  • Brad Thompson, Planning Commission.
  • Peter Chu, Recreation and Parks Commission.
  • Marilyn Mazone, Senior Citizens Commission, Traveler’s Club.
  • William Gleason, Senior Citizen’s Commission.
  • Dorothy Wadley, Senior Citizen’s Commission, Senior Friendship Club.
  • Ralph Martinez, Senior Citizen’s Commission, at large position.

The appointed commission members were sworn in and given a chance to address the city.

Other presentations during the meeting included Donna Choi, executive director of the Downtown Arcadia Improvement Association, who presented the council with a slideshow on Arcadia’s Patriotic Festival, which was held on June 29. Choi commented on the astounding success of the celebration, which made regional news, showing Mayor Verlato dressed as Lady Liberty, and the usage of thousands of water balloons. Choi presented Mayor Verlato with a photo of the fireworks over Arcadia from the festival.

July 17, 2019

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