Arcadia Commuters Fed Up With Gridlock at First Avenue

The advent of the Gold Line light rail system has many positive impacts on the city however, traffic delays are not one of those. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Terry Miller

Motorists’ frustrations at the intersection of First Avenue and the new Gold Line station have been evident since the trains started running in March 2016.

However, the traffic signals combined with the seemingly endless crossing of light rail trains has put some drivers at a boiling point and created yet a new problem; more traffic on Second Avenue.

It seems the delays, traffic signals as well as the Gold Line crossing signals, have caused drivers to avoid First Avenue altogether and at rush hour there is now a backlog of cars either attempting to leave or enter the city on Second Avenue.

During a random check at 5:15 p.m. recently, one driver said he waited an “unacceptable eight long minutes” for a green signal when leaving 24 Hour Fitness going east. Altadena resident Ted Jorgensen said the matter forced him to avoid First Avenue altogether. “It’s crazy and frustrating … there has to be a better solution.”

City engineers are aware of the problems and the public’s frustration and looking at ways to improve the signals/wait time etc.

August 23, 2018

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