Arcadia High School Theatre Department Wins The DTASC Sweepstakes Trophy

Arcadia High School Theatre Department Wins The DTASC Sweepstakes Trophy.

This is the first time in the history of the school that the Theatre Department has won this first place Sweepstakes trophy. Out of 66 schools throughout Southern CA, including all the performing arts schools in LA, Arcadia High School took home the most first place awards ranking us in First place for the overall sweepstakes award.

Winning the Sweepstakes trophy is the highest award a high school can receive at this competition and it is only issued to the one school that won the most points in the different categories.

Arcadia School Superintendent Joel Shawn said “Arcadia HS’s success at this prestigious competition is one more example of the excellence of our students and the commitment of their teacher and drama director Steven Volpe to teach and develop these outstanding young people. Steven is an excellent teacher and the performance of his students is a validation of their hard work and his focus on teaching and learning”.

“ This is one more example of our outstanding students and the drama program, examples of the overall excellence for which Arcadia High School is known” said Dr. Brent Forsee the Arcadia High School Principal.

“Arcadia is extremely proud of the High School Theatre Department. A dedicated group of theatre students have outperformed 66 other schools in Southern California. An accomplishment all Arcadians can celebrate with our high school. Congratulations to all staff and students for this championship performance” – Said Mickey Segal the Mayor of Arcadia.

The Director of the Performing Arts Center Sue Cook said “We are so proud of these students! Steven Volpe has raised the level of professionalism in the theatre arts at Arcadia to new heights and the students and community are the lucky beneficiaries of his expertise and excellent work ethic.”

Here are the winners of the various categories:
1. Sweepstakes: Steven Volpe
2. First Place: Grand Tour: A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Kristina Price, Paean Wang, Ashley Poon, and Chloe Yin
3. First Place: Group Drama: Romeo and Juliet: Anthony Nappier, Chloe Conrad, Luke Karsana, Craig Capps, Alana Deblase, and Angela King
4. First Place: Royal Court Costumes: Queen Elizabeth: Alex Tan
5. First Place: Group Comedy: Much Ado About Nothing: Keith Harmel, Gordon Chang, Emily Johnson, Patrick Matsutani, Summer Ellis, and Annabelle Muljana
6. Second Place: Tragic Deaths: Macbeth: David Liu and Janessa Floyd
7. Finals (Top 10) Replay: Troilus and Cressida: Christian Cruz, Nicole Richcreek, Liam Swan, Catherine Liu, Shelby Dreves, Christie Kuo, Susana Nestor, and Carolyn Ho
8. Finals (Top 10) Sets/Lights/Graphics: Romeo and Juliet: Samantha Grasso and Ninoshka Figueroa Correa and Sean Monje
9. Semi Finalist: B-Stories: Troilus and Cressida: Cassie Nickles, Sommer Zetter, Hunter Gibson, and Sarah Falatoonzadeh
10. Semi Finalist: Monologues: Richard III/ Much Ado About Nothing: Dominique Orti

May 6, 2013

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