Arcadia May Adjust Plans to Renovate Eisenhower Memorial Park

Study Session granted on Eisenhower Memorial Park renovations at the City Council meeting of Aug. 20. – Courtesy photo / City of Arcadia

By Galen Patterson

At the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 6, City Council voted to hold an open study session on the current plan to renovate Eisenhower Park.

This addition to the next meeting follows several concerned citizens who spoke at the Aug. 6 meeting about how they did not feel represented in the plans to re-design the park and lamented the loss of what has already been done to the park.

Two of the main issues that were voiced are the amount of trees being taken own and the removal of the basketball courts.

A third important issue is the possible danger of a crosswalk on the adjoining road, which one citizen said he has almost been struck by a moving vehicle on, while another claimed her son had been struck at the crosswalk.

Project developers said they could add new basketball courts in the park at the estimated cost of $120,000 per court, and roughly five more trees would need to be cut down in the park to make room.

Currently, the park renovations are expected to be completed before the opening of the little league season in April.

City officials said holding an open study session at the City Council meeting on Aug. 20 will not affect the timeline for completion.

The study session will take place during the regular open meeting rather than in the closed session prior to the meeting.

August 7, 2019

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