Arcadia Nursing Home Sees Spike in COVID-19 Cases

This figure uses a 7-day rolling average to show the daily number of all COVID-19 deaths and COVID-19 deaths among residents of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) over time. The 7-day rolling average is calculated for each day by averaging the number of deaths that occurred on that day, and the six days before. This approach prevents daily ups-and-downs from skewing the data and shows a clearer picture of death trends. Recent death data are shown within gray shading due to a time lag in death reporting; trend lines within the gray area should be interpreted with caution. – Courtesy photo / Public Health

With 2,708 new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County as of Tuesday, the county trend indicates some good news, seeing falling virus-related death numbers in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

On Monday, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of Public Health, confirmed that the curve is going down in nursing homes in the County of Los Angeles. At Arcadia Health Care Center, however, 45 residents and eight staff have been confirmed to have the virus. There have been two deaths at that facility as of Tuesday.

“Public Health continues tracking the number of positive cases and deaths among healthcare workers related to the COVID-19 pandemic response. A total of 11,481 healthcare workers and first responders have confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County and there have been a total 74 deaths. Health care workers who are employed in skilled nursing facilities, and long-term care facilities continue to make up the highest proportion of cases at 35 percent, but their percentage has been declining as the number of cases in outpatient settings rises. Nurses (including LVNs and practical nurses) continue to account for the most deaths (45%) and those who work in skilled nursing facilities represent the largest portion of the healthcare worker deaths (65%),” the public health department said in a press release Monday.

To underscore the ongoing need to protect the long-term health and well-being of residents and the workforce as we move forward in the recovery journey, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has introduced and underscores a new set of three Cs: Compliance, Containment, and Collaboration.

Compliance: Businesses must comply with Health Officer Orders and implement the strict infection control practices and distancing guidelines in place to protect the workforce and the public. Residents must continue to wear face coverings, maintain physical distancing, avoid gathering with people they do not live with and continue washing their hands and cleaning high-touch surfaces.

Containment: Adequate testing and case investigations are critical tools to contain spread. The Department of Health Services has announced testing capacity has expanded to over 65% to serve communities hardest hit by COVID-19 that experience racial and economic disparities. Case interviews and contact tracing of people who are positive or exposed are isolating and quarantining must continue. Businesses and employers must also do their part and alert the department to outbreaks at their work sites.

Collaboration: Collaborating across all sectors and government is imperative to ensure clear messages to the public, uninterrupted supply chains for testing supplies and personal protective equipment, and unity in strategies for re-opening with as much safety as possible.

Public Health has a dedicated call line for confirmed cases of COVID-19. If you are positive for COVID-19 and have not yet connected with a public health specialist or need more information on services, call toll-free at (833) 540-0473. Residents who do not have COVID-19 should continue to call 2-1-1 for resources or more information.

July 29, 2020

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