Arcadia PD Non-Emergency Phone Service Restored

Fortunately 9-1-1 service was not affected during the outage. – Courtesy photo

On Tuesday, the Arcadia Police Department (APD) reported that its business (non-emergency) telephone lines were not working. Technicians were promptly on site to work and repair the problem. During the ordeal APD calmed worries by assuring the public that “9-1-1 service was not [affected] during this phone outage.”

On Wednesday morning APD announced that the restoration of the business telephone lines. APD is currently receiving calls on their “non-emergency” lines. Although, phone service is restored, there are some, non-critical, areas of the Department that are currently unable to receive or make phone calls. If you are calling directly to a specific phone extension and you receive a busy signal, hang up and call (626)574-5151. APD personnel will assist with getting you connected to whomever you are trying to contact.

Technicias are still working to fully restore the phone service throughout the Department building and they should be back to 100 percent function soon.

January 30, 2019

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