Arcadia Resident Files FPPC Complaint Against PAC – Arcadian’s Rights Protection Association (ARPA)

Arcadia city hall. – Courtesy photo

By Terry Miller

A 35-year Arcadia resident, Roger Nemrava, recently filed an Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Arcadian’s Rights Protection Association (ARPA): FPPC complaint COM-03052018-00262: Arcadian’s Rights Protection Association. 

ARPA, which is not based in Arcadia but Alhambra, has sent out mailers supporting Bob Harbicht and Roger Chandler, candidates for Arcadia City Council, allegedly without the required disclaimers.

The first mailer sent was in support of Bob Harbicht. Nemrava complained to the Arcadia’s City Clerk’s office. The Chief Deputy City Clerk for Elections, Lisa Mussenden, contacted ARPA to stop.

Shortly thereafter, another mailer from ARPA was mailed in support of Roger Chandler. Again, Nemrava complained to the Arcadia City Clerk’s office and then decided to file a complaint with the FPPC.

The Arcadia Rights Protection Association is being investigated by the FPPC for violating campaign finance disclosure laws. “ARPA doesn’t comply because it is attempting to hide where the money is coming from for the mailers. This is a major violation,” Nemrava told Arcadia Weekly.

Nemrava belives ARPA, Harbicht and Chandler are breaking the rules.

March 23, 2018

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  1. Caroline says:

    Enforcement of campaign rules are non-existent. The City Clerk has not
    been given the power to stop it. That makes the city complicit in violating
    fair campaign standards. Residents can expect more and more of it in
    this and future elections where dirty money funds puppet candidates.

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