Arcadia Wants YOU to Inforce Development Codes

Arcadia’s Development Services Department has an opening for a volunteer in the Code Services Division. Code Services Volunteers provide clerical support and assist the Development Services Staff in ensuring that Arcadia complies with city ordinances.

The Code Services Division is responsible for enforcing the Arcadia City Municipal Code and ensuring that all Arcadia residents adhere to basic standards of building and residential maintenance. Its chief duties include the monitoring and correction of broken windows, discarded household furnishings and broken appliances, incorrect trash container storage, flyers and advertisements on inappropriate surfaces (i.e. trees and utility poles), and illegal signs in commercial and industrial areas. The Code Services Division stresses a clean environment as integral to the health and safety of the community, as well as crucial in upholding the city’s reputation.

Among other duties, Code Services volunteers are in charge of entering information into databases, reporting sign violations on public and private property, following up on trash can violations, and photographing other perceived code violations. Volunteers are subject to the supervision of the Department.

To qualify as a volunteer, applicants must be at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, demonstrate competent computer use (particularly with Microsoft applications like Word and Excel), have the ability to speak and write clearly in English, and possess an acceptable driving record and a Class C California Driver’s License. Service schedules are flexible to accommodate the needs of the volunteer, but volunteers must be able to guarantee a minimum of 5 hours or service per week, Monday through Friday.

Interested applicants are required to complete an application, pass a background check, and attend mandatory training sessions before officially beginning volunteer work. For more information, contact the Development Services Department at 574-5423.
By Nuria Mathog

August 5, 2009

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