Bob Harbicht Political Facebook Photo Altered after Accusations of Campaign Law Violations

– Courtesy photo / Sierra Madre Tattler

By Terry Miller

Our friends over at Sierra Madre Tattler re-posted a photo from Bob Harbicht’s Facebook page on Tuesday showing candidates Roger Chandler and Bob Harbicht flanked by some of Arcadia’s finest.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with members of the Arcadia Police Officers’ Association posing with two candidates, according to election law, they must NOT display a badge or be wearing official uniform and/or be on duty while such an image is taken. This was not the case when Mr. Harbicht posted initially.  One officer’s badge was clearly visible.
The Tattler had this to say about it:
“We are now bearing witness to something the clearly out of touch Bulldozer Bob Harbicht proudly plastered all over his Facebook page. It is definitely a legal no-no, and I suspect all involved will be called out on it quite soon, as they should be. Somebody has to keep an eye on these characters.
Posted on Bob’s Facebook page is a stunning example of what not to do during a campaign. Note the smiling faces of all those involved. While it is good to be confident, officers also need to understand the laws. Isn’t that why they are being paid so much?

It probably doesn’t help the cause of the officers pictured above that they are also standing right there in front of the Arcadia Police Department building, either.

There is also this Federal law known as the Hatch Act. It too frowns upon the kinds of shenanigans we are discussing today. The Fraternal Order of Police has put together an excellent review of the Hatch Act, which you can check out here.

Someone must have been on duty and thought all he would need to do is just change his shirt and everything would be good to go. Pictured second from the left is Detective Ken “Schoolboy” Lee, newly elected president of the Arcadia Police Officer’s Association. In this photo, posted proudly on Harbicht’s Facebook page as an emblem of honor, is the police badge of Ken Lee. It symbolizes the legal authority vested upon him by the City of Arcadia. Who wouldn’t follow the command of an armed police detective when confronted by this badge of authority? God help you if you don’t.
Here is what our State of California says about an officer wearing uniform identifiers such as his cop badge while posing in a political photo like the one above.”  The Badge has to go! In an email requesting comment for this story, Bob Harbicht sent Arcadia Weekly this:

“They {APOA} have endorsed me, rather than the guy they’ve been dealing with for the past four years.

I don’t read the anonymous Tattler and don’t comment on any of their comments.”

Bob (Harbicht)

Lisa Mussenden, City Clerk in charge of Arcadia’s elections, apparently advised the candidate to alter the image if it is to be used for campaigning.  In other words, get rid of any sign of a badge.

Harbicht complied.

The photo was also altered to remove the name of Arcadia Police Station. However, the officer’s badge has been altered to represent a “thumbs up” instead of a law enforcement ID.  Clearly, the casual observer will assume that is a police badge until you enlarge the image.  Then on Wednesday, the photo was altered AGAIN.  This time, the officer’s badge is nowhere in sightIt should be noted that by contrast, the Arcadia Firefighters’ Association endorsed no one this year.  Guns and Hoses.  You’ve got to love politics and photoshop!

March 1, 2018

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