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Farrah Chen

Cemala (Classical European Music Academy Los Angeles) under the direction of Magdolna Berezvai gave an outstanding performance at the president’s event for his staff and administration in the largest room of the White House, The Executive Residence. The White House witnessed some talent from CEMALA where they surely played with their maximum effort at such a young age to represent the San Gabriel Valley, California. The Executive Residence is where the White House holds press conferences, ceremonies, concerts and the signing of legislation, receptions for foreign dignitaries. 

Andrea Zheng

From the moment the children walked into the Executive Residence with their violins and cellos, CEMALA poised little musicians make a big impression. 15 players, dressed in black tails and full-skirted tea gowns. Cemala’s San Gabriel Valley students were extremely brave and heroic for taking part in this fulfilling journey. Thankfully everyone returned safely.  

Left, Eric Gu and Sunny Xu

Farrah Chan, age 13 “Being able to go to the White House was a wonderful opportunity that I will never forget. Not only was I able to improve my musical abilities through this trip, I was also able to bring hope and happiness to those in the White House during this difficult time.”

Eric Gu, age 12 “My performance at the White House was one of the most exciting performances I ever had in my life.”

Sunny Xu, age 13  “Personally I think the trip was a beautiful yet educational trip. It is something that is to be remembered and cherished.”

CEMALA (Classical European Music Academy Los Angeles) a comprehensive violin school, is committed to nurturing young extraordinary musical talents. The opportunity to travel and perform at the White house was an eye opener. 

The Academy is under the leadership of the Hungarian born violinist Magdolna Berezvai, who has brought to Los Angeles the skills she learned in her musical studies in Hungary, proving again that music is truly an international language! Magdolna said “I am so proud of this. The children effortlessly performed a long repertoire”. Cemala currently is preparing for their Carnegie hall performance, New York 2021 where couple of spaces are still available.

Cemala practices hard and gathers new experiences from numerous performances. That’s a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun, as we take various opportunities to combine practices with other fun activities like performances in Disneyland, Universal studios, Seaworld and community venues including other performances in the White House, LA Lakers, Italy Tour, Eastern European Tour 2019, Iceland Tour 2018, and China Tour 2020, but was cancelled due to COVID.  

For more information:  

Contact Magdolna Berezvai, CEMALA’s Artistic Director at  323-678-3239 or visit 

January 21, 2021

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