In a Confusing Election, Arcadia Firefighters Endorse Nobody

Arcadia Firefighters Association will not endorse any candidates this year. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Terry Miller

With the advent of divided districts, divisive views on property rights in Arcadia and confusion about how some 15,000 people are ineligible to vote in Arcadia next month, the Arcadia Firefighters’ Association has decided not to endorse any candidate this year.

Brian Ursette, President of IAFF Local 3440 told potential endorsees:

“We have decided to withhold our Endorsement this year as we believe the focal point of this election is one of how property owners develop and/ or improve their land. We have not, nor will we take a stance on these issues, as they are namely a concern of the homeowner. However, it does sadden us to see Arcadia divided in such a way we have never experienced in our history here. It is apparent that the issue has driven a wedge between the Council Members and between Arcadia residents. This is an agenda that the AFFA chooses not to indulge in or be associated with. We proudly serve all residents in this community, regardless the size of their home; whether they have lived in the City for 6 months or 60 years. The AFFA will not acquiesce in the social divide that has taken place. It is our opinion that this issue must be addressed to enable our community to regain the cohesive bond that Arcadia’s Community of Homes is known for. We hope to see Arcadia again united as one working toward the same goal of making this a premier City in which to live and work. We also hope that you can make that happen if you are elected. Thanks again for your dedication to this community, and we wish you all the best.”


March 1, 2018

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