Congresswoman ‘Incredibly Concerned’ About Russian Interference in U.S. Election

“If we are to live up to our oath to uphold the Constitution, we must treat this threat from Russia seriously.” – Photo courtesy Pixabay 


After months of reporting that Russia has been behind email hacks intended to undermine the U.S. election process, two U.S. intelligence officials this week have said they believe Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved. Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) released the following statement:

“I am incredibly concerned about this new information into Russia and Putin’s involvement in our election. Not only because it shines a light on foreign attempts to meddle in our affairs, but also because it raises new concerns about President-elect Trump and some of his Cabinet selections. Already, Mr. Trump’s dismissal of the conclusion reached by U.S. intelligence agencies makes it clear he will continue to value his personal instincts over the work and analyses of experts. Now, he chooses to make excuses for Putin by turning his anger instead towards Democrats. This is outrageous. Let us be clear about one thing: this is about the integrity of our democracy. By raising doubts about the integrity of America’s elections, Putin is attempting to weaken America’s reputation as the world’s leading democracy, while creating distractions from his own corruption and international aggression. And the kind of infighting created by Trump’s partisan and unsubstantiated attacks on his fellow Americans who trust the CIA’s reporting only helps that goal. Further, Mr. Trump’s nomination of Rex Tillerson, a friend of Putin’s, to Secretary of State raises serious questions about how forceful a Trump administration will be in challenging future threats from Russia.”

“Lastly, I have regularly spoken out about the importance of free and fair elections. That is why I have championed voter rights and supported challenges to states that have attempted to keep seniors, immigrants, and minorities from the polls. That same commitment to elections that reliably reflect the will of the people compels me now to speak out against any attempt by any country to meddle in our most fundamental right. Our Founders understood this, which is why they included a number of safeguards against foreign involvement in our Constitution. We, as Congress, have a responsibility to investigate these claims. That is why I strongly support a bipartisan Congressional review of Russian interference in our election. If we are to live up to our oath to uphold the Constitution, we must treat this threat from Russia seriously.”


December 19, 2016

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