Documentary Screening about Female Reproductive Health in Afghanistan Featuring an Award-Winning Short Film “Where are the Men?” Feb 1.

The Woman’s Club of Arcadia will be hosting a luncheon to support
global women’s health and development, in particular in Afghanistan –
a country with world’s second highest maternal mortality rate. This
event will feature a unique and informative presentation by Taraneh
Salke, the Executive Director of Family Health Alliance. She will
share her field experience of past nine years of working in
Afghanistan. The presentation will be followed by the screening of a
short award-winning documentary film “Where are the Men?” The film,
which is co-produced and co-directed by Taraneh, focuses on plight of
women in Afghanistan and what can be done to make a change.

DSC00676 Taraneh Salke, Founder and CEO of Family Health Alliance, back from her 20th trip to Afghanistan, will present the award-winning documentary film “Where are the Men?” Courtesy Photo

When: Wednesday, February 1, 2012
11:30 AM onwards

Where: The Woman’s Club of Arcadia
324 South First Avenue
Arcadia, California 91006
This event is open to public. The luncheon will be served at $… per
person for members of the club and $… per person for non-members.
$… will go towards Family Health Alliance’s work in Afghanistan as a
tax-deductible contribution.
About the Speaker
Taraneh Salke is the Founder and Executive Director of Family Health
Alliance (FHA). FHA is a female-led nonprofit organization dedicated
to improving and enhancing the health of women and families in
resource-poor environments through education, training, and research.
FHA promotes the advancement of reproductive health and rights and
recognizes role of gender in health and development of women, in
particular in the Middle East and Muslim societies.

Taraneh holds a MPH degree from UCLA and specializes in family
planning and reproductive health and role of gender in health and
development of women, in particular in the Middle East and Muslim
societies. Taraneh is also a trained cultural anthropologist and has
used her knowledge in designing and implementing culturally
appropriate international health programs. Taraneh has worked in
women’s health and development in Afghanistan for the past nine years.
Her deep understanding of the local culture and her fluency in the
local language combined with her ability to work with people at the
grassroots level as well as the government level has led to successful
implementation of public health programs in Afghanistan. She lectures
regularly on women’s global health issues at universities, national
and international organizations, and professional conferences.

About the Film: “Where are the Men?”
“Where are the men?” discusses the importance of involving men in
family planning and reproductive health for advancement of women’s
health and development, particularly in male-dominated societies like
Afghanistan. The film highlights the value of understanding and
considering local culture in design and implementation of
developmental programs in societies that are very different than
western societies.
“Where are the Men?” has won several awards and recognitions. It has
claimed Best Film, Best Narration, and Best Director awards at the Los
Angeles Reel Film Festival 2011 and won special recognitions at
various other film festivals. This film is being shown at different
universities and colleges such as University of Georgia College of
Public Health, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine,
University of Texas School of Nursing, and California State University
Northridge where it is being used as an educational tool in Women’s
Health and Development and Global Health courses.

January 12, 2012

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