Dorothy’s Place: A Downside (9/15/15 Issue)


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By Dorothy Denne

Cat lover that I am, I do have to admit there are a few downsides to living with them. For example, when they decide it is time for you to get out of bed, you might as well agree. There is no point in arguing or trying to ignore them. You’ll never win unless you are willing to throw them out of the house.

For me, that is not an option. I believe urban cats should be in-house. The odds are against them with so many cars, especially on a busy boulevard like mine. Humans don’t try to cross that street except at a light. Even then, depending on their persuasion, they better say a couple of “Hail Marys” or “Help Me Lord,” before stepping off the curb. Given that, I’m forced to rise on my cats’ time schedule.

This morning was an especially bright, sunny morning, so my female, Fluffy, decided at about 6 a.m. that it was time for us to get up. She began by nudging my head with her head then licking my face with her sandpaper tongue. That got her a few mumbles and a little neck scratching.

Next, she began walking up and down my body – back and forth, back and forth. When that didn’t work she began to knead. Now Fluffy has the biggest, longest claws I have ever seen on a domestic cat. When she kneads, it does get my attention. I still wasn’t ready to give in, so I pulled the covers over me to let her dig into them for a while.

Finally, in frustration, she called in her back-up buddies, her brothers. When two big boys leap on me, I awake. I usually let out a very audible groan as soon as I’m able to get my breath again.

They sprawled across my stomach and chest then took nibbles at my chin and fingers. Fluffy meanwhile, moved up to sit on my head.

I’ll just sum up here by telling you I was up at 6:15 a.m. this morning, feeding three happy cats.

September 15, 2016

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