Embattled Former Councilman John Wuo’s Name Removed From China Week Promotional Materials

Mr. John Wuo. – Photo by Terry Miller


By Terry Miller

Arcadia Weekly had learned that disgraced former mayor John Wuo was once again in the spotlight. This time, however he was being listed as an honorary board member of the ChinaWeek team in promotional materials sent out. The initial story was broken by our illustrious John Crawford, of the Sierra Madre Tattler. The Tattler was on top of this Gemcoin saga and from the beginning and was kind enough to share the information with Arcadia Weekly.

However, since this story broke, Matt Sheehan, communications for China Week contacted this paper Monday morning and said that due to a clerical error John Wuo’s name was included in the materials when the name should have been omitted. ” John Wuo has not been on our Board since October 2015,” Sheehan said.

ChinaWeek is an annual, week-long series of events designed to bring the most current, relevant, and multidisciplinary information about China and Chinese culture to the western world via Los Angeles, the natural US gateway to China.

In cooperation with prominent local organizations, the private sector, NGO’s, governmental agencies and their equivalents in China, ChinaWeek events will take place throughout the greater Los Angeles from May 7 to 14, across nine sectors including: arts and culture, business, education, entertainment, environment, public affairs, science and technology, tourism, and philanthropy. ChinaWeek is programming, marketing, and promoting the events, which will be presented by partnering organizations such as The Getty, the Milken Institute, Governor Brown’s Office of Business and Economic Development, USC Pacific Asia Museum, local civic and trade organizations, independent galleries, and restaurants.

April 6, 2016

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  1. RC says:

    FYI – that is a picture of Sheng Chang, not John Wuo

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