Gold Line Extension Expected to Generate $2.6 Billion and Thousands of Jobs

The Gold Line. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

Economic report details significant benefits to Los Angeles County during construction and in operation

Recently, the Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority released a report prepared by Beacon Economics, a leading economic research and forecasting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, detailing the economic benefits resulting from the upcoming construction and operation of the 12.3-mile Foothill Gold Line light rail extension to the region. The report, entitled “Economic Impact Study of the Foothill Gold Line Glendora to Montclair Segment,” quantifies the significant economic impact that will result from the $1.5 billion investment the region is making in the six-station light rail project, including: jobs created, economic output, labor income and tax revenues.

As highlighted in the 26-page report, during construction alone, the Foothill Gold Line segment will generate nearly 17,000 jobs, more than $2.6 billion in economic output, more than $1 billion in labor income and nearly $40 million in tax revenues for Los Angeles County. In addition, once passenger service begins, the ongoing operations of the six-station extension will generate an annual benefit to the county of more than $52 million in economic output, $17 million in labor income and nearly $800,000 in tax revenues, while generating 277 jobs.

“We know that investing in public infrastructure projects like the Gold Line are economic engines,” stated Habib F. Balian, CEO of the Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority. “But it is always impressive to see just how much each project directly benefits our region in job creation, economic activity and future revenues – it is a significant return on investment.”

The Beacon report also highlights the secondary economic benefits for the region from private investments in transit-oriented development already made or planned within a half-mile radius of the six future Gold Line stations from Glendora to Montclair. The extension already has spurred $1 billion in private investments in residential and commercial development, including nearly 1,200 residential units near the future Montclair station alone and one million square feet of commercial property. An additional nearly $600 million in development is planned along the corridor; with more than 1,800 new residential units and 10,000 square feet of commercial space in the works within a half-mile radius of a future station.

“The economic story of the Gold Line must also include the long-term private investment that is happening around these light rail stations as the area evolves from what was historically industrial land to suburban communities,” added Balian. “There is a unique opportunity along this light rail line to see extensive growth, allowing the region to add much-needed housing and jobs near our expanding county rail system; adding to the economic benefits of our investment well into the future.”

The economic impact report can be viewed online at

November 22, 2017

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