Just what is Readers’ Choice?

rclogoIt’s coming soon! The largest edition of the year – where you, the reader, pick your favorite business in town and we let everyone know. Readers’ Choice is our popular annual tip-of-the-hat to local tradesmen and women, selected by you our readers, as tops in their chosen profession. The publication is the direct result of your input -by filling out our annual questionnaire published on line and in all 16 newspapers.

The annual glossy publication reveals the results of questionnaire/ballot that you fill out and submit to us. Additionally, those who win Gold or Silver have the unrivaled opportunity to advertise in this issue and thank you for your vote of confidence.

The premise is simple. We want you to vote!

– Not for a politician – but for your favorite watering hole, or whatever in the category we list.

As a way of saying ‘thank you’, we offer wonderful prizes as an incentive to vote. Winners are chosen at random but there is as winner every week. The prizes could be dinners for two, concert tickets and lots of other goodies we’ll let you know about soon.

We are sure you’ll recognize this is a once a year homage to you, the reader, for giving us the opportunity to shine a light on your favorite enterprise. Thank you for your continued support and readership. Keep your eyes out RC2014 and thank you!

May 5, 2014

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