Kinsler, Yee, and Cheung Win 2020 AUSD School Board Election

By Galen Patterson

Arcadia Public Library was turned into a voting center for the California Primary Election. – Photo by Galen Patterson / Beacon Media News

The 2020 AUSD School Board election results are in; Kay Kinsler, Shirley Yee, and Raymond Cheung won 3 out of 5 seats on the board.

Kinsler was an incumbent candidate, Yee was a PTA president at two different schools, and Cheung is a former Marine.

Incumbent candidate and AUSD Vice President Kay Kinsler. – Photo by Galen Patterson / Beacon Media News

At a recent debate, Cheung stated his priorities were to focus on the security of schools and increase student performance, while Kinsler told the audience that she wants to continue to build a nurturing and caring learning environment that collaborates, thinks critically and learns from failure.

candidates AUSD
Two-school PTA President and candidate Shirley Yee. – Photo by Galen Patterson / Beacon Media News

At the same debate, Yee said she wanted to focus on keeping a working relationship between the board, staff and county. “Not having that bogs down the whole system,” she said.

candidates AUSD
U.S. Marine Corps veteran and candidate Raymond Cheung. – Photo by Galen Patterson / Beacon Media News

Out of the five candidates competing for three seats, two were not chosen. One of which was incumbent candidate Cung Nguyen, a civil engineer. The second candidate was newcomer Roshan Akula, a special education aid.

Nguyen’s focus during the debate was keeping the world-class performing arts program and cultivating culture, climate and capacity for collaboration, while Akula wanted to focus on student success through top-level teachers.

March 4, 2020

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