Man Murdered in One of Two Separate Shootings

A man was killed in one of two separate shootings in Monrovia on Tuesday evening.  A woman was also injured in the fatal shooting.  No one was hurt in the first incident.

According to Monrovia Police Watch Commander Lt. Mike Lee there is no evidence that the two incidents are related in any way.  Since the second shooting involved a death, the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau is handling the investigation with the cooperation of the Monrovia Police Department.
Monrovia’s Public Information Officer Dick Singer said that at this time neither incident appeared to be related to the recent and ongoing gang activities in the area.

Singer said the first shooting occurred at approximately 5:30 P.M. in the 100 Block of East Los Angeles St.  A single individual in a car appeared to have shot at a group of people standing in front of a house.  “No one was hit, but one bullet did hit the building,” Singer said.

Later the same evening just after 8 p.m. another shooting took place, this one on Colorado Boulevard between Canyon and California.  In this incident a white male, approximately twenty years old was shot and killed according to Singer.  A young woman of approximately the same age was also shot in the foot, but her wound was relatively minor and she was treated and released.

The couple was approached by several Hispanic males and the young man was shot and killed.  No motive is known at this time and the names of the victims have not yet been released.

December 16, 2009

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