Monrovia Firefighter Strike-Teams Return from Statewide Fires

Late on Monday evening Engine 101 returned from the fire along with its crew. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Susan Motander

Since Dec. 4th, Monrovia firefighters have been battling the various fires throughout the state.  Some have returned, but the Office of Emergency Services (OES) engine along with Battalion Chief Chris Fabrizio, Captain Scott Brannigan, Engineer Tino Buccola, Firefighter Paramedic Curtis Edgley and Firefighter Nicholas La Croix are still on the scene at the Thomas fire.

Late on Monday evening Engine 101 returned from the fire along with its crew: Captain Chris Huson, Engineer Alex Arellano, Firefighter Ryan Mitchell, and Firefighter Igor Nisis.

Also safely returned was Monrovia Fire Department’s water tender and its two-man crew.  They were deployed to the Lilac fire in San Diego County earlier this month.

Because of the absence of so many of their brothers, the firefighters association canceled its family Christmas party this year.  According to Monrovia Firefighters Association President, Dave Rapp, the food had already been purchased for the party.

“We did not want the food to go to waste, so we donated it to the Foothill Unity Center, “Rapp said.  “They told us they were a little short for the holiday distribution, so it came in handy for them.”

December 20, 2017

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