Police Are Investigating Arcadia High School Sexual Assault Allegations

Arcadia High School. – File photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

On June 23, 2020, at approximately 4:30 p.m., Arcadia Police Department Investigators learned of alleged sexual assault allegations against a former Arcadia High School student possibly involving female victims who also attend Arcadia High School.

“The allegations involve sexual activities of high school students both present and former and one of the allegations was photos may have been exchanged by a male suspect who was a former Arcadia High School student,” Arcadia police Capt. Paul Foley told ABC7.

ABC7 reports that a former Arcadia High School student named Hailey Cheng recently made a post on social media alleging that a group of boys at the school shared videos of themselves having sex with non-consensual girls. The videos were reportedly posted to group chats.

According to this student, she filed a police report last year but nothing was done.

She says she also reported the incidents to school officials two years ago. “They said they would launch an investigation, but from what I’ve heard the boys were never held accountable,” she says.

The Arcadia Police Department is asking that anyone with information regarding this case, or any other incidents of sexual assault in Arcadia, to please contact the Arcadia Police Department Investigations Bureau at (626) 574-5163. The police department is also working with Arcadia High School and Arcadia Unified School District personnel regarding aspects of this investigation.

June 25, 2020

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