Seen Any Coyotes Lately? Here’re Some Safety Tips


If you see a coyote wandering the streets that is not causing harm, there is nothing to do other than perhaps trying to scare it away if you are walking nearby. If you are walking with a small child or animal you would certainly want to pick them up and remove yourself, the child and the animal from the situation.

If a coyote approaches you or comes in your yard …

…be as big, mean and loud as you can. Make loud noises, throw rocks in the animal’s direction, spray it with a hose, rapidly open an umbrella in its direction or use an air-horn to scare it away. Throw objects at the coyote; if it continues to approach, do not run and instead retain eye contact, pick up small pets and children and move slowly away. Coyotes have been scared off properties by people waving brooms, making noise, throwing tennis balls or other objects and clapping their hands. An air horn, “coyote shaker” or “can clanger” may also work.

Coyote Shaker 
Place a handful of pennies in an old juice or soda can. Cover the opening of the can with tape. Cut a piece of foil and tape it around the can. The shaker scares the approaching coyote through aggressive hand motion, loud noise and reflective light.

Can Clanger
Tie several empty tin cans together with string. Clanging the cans together and throwing it at the coyote should deter the coyote from coming into inhabited areas.

Coyote rollers have been effective in some situations. Installing these rolling metal tubes at the top of a fence denies coyotes the “foothold” to pull themselves up and over a fence, deterring them from repeating the effort.
If you are being threatened by a wild animal, call 911 or the Arcadia Police Department at (626) 574-5151. The Arcadia Police Department works with the Department of Fish and Game in mutually supportive efforts to address local issues and problems

December 9, 2016

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