Sierra Madre Pays $20k for Fire Service Feasibility Study from Arcadia Fire Department

Arcadia Fire Dept. may extend its services beyond Arcadia. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

The cost for Arcadia to provide fire response services in year one is $800k

By Terry Miller

The management staff of the City of Sierra Madre recently approached the City of Arcadia for a proposal to provide fire response services to the City of Sierra Madre. And just like a good neighbor, Arcadia will be there.

Through the course of multiple discussions between the two cities, the Sierra Madre City Council approved a “non-binding term sheet” between the City of Arcadia and the City of Sierra Madre delineating the basic terms and conditions should Arcadia formally agrees to provide fire suppression and related response to all areas within the municipal boundaries of Sierra Madre.

The study will evaluate the impact and viability of these services towards Arcadia’s operational, financial, and risk assessment requirements while maintaining and/or enhancing its current level of service to its Arcadia residents, including its Class 1 status.

Sierra Madre will pay $20,000 for this study to cover staff time and materials. Results of the study, with staff recommendations, will be presented to council around mid-year of 2019.

Battalion Chief Services are provided to Sierra Madre for incident scene management with reimbursement for such services. All other services provided to Sierra Madre from Arcadia are on a mutual-aid basis without reimbursement.

In addition to fire-related response services, an engine from Arcadia would be on all incidents for emergency medical services calls in Sierra Madre. Sierra Madre would continue to provide EMS response and all fire prevention services to all its residents including fire and building inspections, brush inspections and clearance, Fire Marshal duties, and plan checks.

Sierra Madre’s Emergency Operations Center and all its administrative/financial oversight would remain the sole responsibility of Sierra Madre. The cost for Arcadia to provide all fire response services in year one is expected not to exceed $800,000.

Sierra Madre and Arcadia understand that nothing in the term sheet is binding and any commitments or agreements regarding Sierra Madre’s proposal are subject to a formal approval by the City Council of each respective City.

Cost for any use of outside consultants or experts deemed necessary during the study will be shared equally between Arcadia and Sierra Madre. The results from the proposed feasibility study will provide a more comprehensive cost analysis associated with Arcadia providing such services to Sierra Madre.

February 6, 2019

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3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Sierra Madre Pays $20k for Fire Service Feasibility Study from Arcadia Fire Department”

  1. Dan says:

    Reabsorb the city back into Arcadia. It can be redeveloped into properties more like those found in upper-rancho. Having that little downtown area would be nice for the city, too.

  2. Dan Ma says:

    Their kids use our schools, their old people crash into us on Baldwin Avenue when they can’t tell which lane is turning and which lane is going straight. And no they want us to pay their freaking bills? No way. If this happens, the municipality should be absorbed into Arcadia and can slowly start being upgraded from the borderline shanty-town that it currently is.

  3. Caroline Brown says:

    Sierra Madre has never been a part of Arcadia therefor cannot be “reabsorbed.” The expressed attitude about “borderline shanty-town” is silly as well as hateful. There is a very small geographical nitch with a Sierra Madre zip code that is within the Arcadia school system that realtor use as a sales pitch as they stress the small-town wonder that is Sierra Madre. I don’t have a statistic to back this up but just a very generous guess that the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team has saved residents of Arcadia and their friends lost in the mountains. Our Community Emergency Response Team has made Sierra Madre and neighboring Arcadia safer than if it didn’t exist as did the long work of the Fire Safe Council.

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