Six Arcadia Police Recruits Graduate Rio Hondo Police Academy

(Left to Right) Recruits Julius Santos, Dylan Morrill, Jose Robles Jr., Michael Isidro, Miguel Marquez, and Gio Capra, with Chief Bob Guthrie (Center) and captains Larry Goodman (Left) and Paul Foley (Right). – Courtesy photo / Arcadia Police Department

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Six Arcadia Police recruits graduated with Class 206 of the Rio Hondo Police Academy on July 12. The recruits included Julius Santos, Dylan Morrill, Jose Robles Jr., Michael Isidro, Miguel Marquez, and Gio Capra.

The recruits completed over 1,000 hours of training and instruction over 5 ½ months (Jan. 28 through July 12). Recruit Capra earned the highest academic percentage of the class as well as the highest overall class ranking, which includes academics, report writing, firearms, physical fitness, and scenario testing. For his efforts, Capra was awarded the Honor Cadet recognition, with recruit Santos finishing second overall, and recruit Morrill fifth overall. Class 206 started with 41 cadets, and 24 graduated.

Presenting the colors at the graduation ceremony was the Arcadia Police Department Honor Guard, consisting of field training officers Daniel Tea, Carlos Quiroz, and Danny Daryaie, as well as Officer Michael Turrell, who also serves at the academy as a recruit training officer.

The recruits were sworn in as police officers and started their two-week department orientation on Monday, July 16. They will later be assigned to the field training program where they will complete an additional 800 hours of field training before reaching the required standards to become solo patrol officers.

The Arcadia Police Department would like to congratulate their six new officers on a job well done, wish them continued success in the field training program, and look forward to working with them for decades to come.

July 18, 2018

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