Survey Created for Current and Past AHS Students Regarding Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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Last week we reported that on June 23 Arcadia Police Department investigators learned of alleged sexual assault allegations against a former Arcadia High School student possibly involving female victims who also attend Arcadia High School.

“The allegations involve sexual activities of high school students both present and former and one of the allegations was photos may have been exchanged by a male suspect who was a former Arcadia High School student,” said Arcadia police Capt. Paul Foley.

Tiffany Hu made a post on Instagram on her efforts to change the culture in Arcadia High after the disturbing reports by the Arcadia Police Department.

“Many of you are aware of the situation at Arcadia High School regarding sexual misconduct and the school’s management of such reports. On Tuesday, June 23rd, Esther Cui, Jace Kwan, Joceline Nguyen, and I emailed the AHS principal, Ms. Dillman, to express our concerns and demand that the administration and school board take further action in changing AHS’ culture. As a result, she has requested a discussion with us and a 2017 alumna. To gain more perspective on the climate of AHS, we have created an anonymous survey for current and past AHS students to analyze and summarize for the principal. Please take your time to fill out this survey to help bring change to our school, she wrote on her page.

Hu continued, “We are very aware that this is a problem not only at AHS, however because our conversation will only be with the AHS principal we would like to keep the responses limited to AHS students/alumni/alumna. This survey has no affiliation with Arcadia High School of AUSD.”

The survey has now closed.

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June 30, 2020

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