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paris_eiffelBe careful what you wish for . . .

Every time I went to Europe on a business trip, I would come home longing for the kind of coffee and pastry delicacies you could find on the streets of Paris.  I would think, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could find just a little of that here in Temple City?”

Good citizens, this is an alert.  Our waistlines are in serious jeopardy.  Will power wilts in the face of such shameless sensory delights.

When it was just a donut shop, I could control myself . . . everyone knows that deep-fried sugar and refined carbohydrates are bad for you . . . I could be satisfied with a couple indulgences a year.

But now . . .

The commercial real estate at 9475 Las Tunas Drive is a bit of a hazard, albeit a welcome one:  Cloverleaf coffee/bakery and Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt.

But it’s not really open yet . . . well, at least their grand opening has yet to be announced.  So if you go in, which I highly suggest you do, just know that you’re not really there (which probably means the calories aren’t there, either).

Alex Chow and his employees are still getting used to the new ovens, and practicing the new recipes, and little by little, more and more choices are showing up earlier and earlier in the day.  And after August 15th, they’re supposed to be making panini sandwiches, to boot.

And the prices!  Go in before they realize what they’re doing!  The Vanilla Custard Blossom is only $1.50, as most of them are:

Tokyo croissant, pearl sugar butter croissant, chocolate custard swirl, almond cream cheese custard, red bean swirl, cuttlefish ink bread with parsley, taro marble roll, pineapple roll, orange cranberry nut muffin (YUM!), thousand later cake . . . and that’s just the beginning.

We even had some almond mocha bread with our Lambs Quarter Greek salad at home last night . . . unbelievably good and fresh.

And if I’m saying it, it means something, because by nature, I don’t care for a lot of bread and pastry items.  I’d much rather have a bit of dark chocolate than anything else . . . until now.

And I’ll be first in line for the Da Vinci when the sandwiches start up: roasted pepper, tomato, basil, olives, provolone, sun-dried tomato pesto.  Or the Greek Goddess:  tomato, red onion, cucumber, olives, feta cheese, roasted garlic aioli.  And you can add turkey, roast beef or ham to any of them if you wish.

Go in with a friend, order a latte (it’ll come with the cutest swirl design on top), try to pick just one baked item (it’ll be hard, you’ll probably try at least two), and enjoy the outside seating.  You might even forget you’re in Temple City for a moment.  You could be having a European cup of coffee and a Chinese style baked delicacy all at the same time.

Always consult with your metabolism, gustatory attorney and/or dietary counselor before visiting Cloverleaf.
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August 10, 2009

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