What Does Measure A Mean for Arcadia?

According to the city, if Measure A is not approved by voters then City Council will have to consider eliminating as many as 10 firefighter/paramedic positions. – Courtesy photo / Facebook, @arcadiafire

According to the Arcadia Citizen’s Fiscal Advisory Committee’s (CFAC) Final Report, after a thorough and comprehensive review of the city’s finances, additional revenue is required to maintain city services at current levels. For example, the city currently has five fewer police officers than it did in 2008. Without additional revenue, the City Council will have to consider reductions in city services in order to balance the budget, such as:

  • Eliminating as many as 13 police officer positions, affecting police patrols and response times.
  • Eliminating as many as 10 firefighter/paramedic positions, affecting emergency medical response services and fire coverage in north Arcadia, including hillside areas.

If approved by voters, Measure A funds can be used to maintain service priorities identified by the public such as:

  • Preventing and investigating property crimes, like thefts and burglaries.
  • Keeping fire stations operating at current levels.
  • Maintaining police patrols around neighborhood schools and parks.
  • Cleaning and maintaining public areas including commercial districts, residential neighborhoods, and parks.
  • Retaining and attracting local business.
  • Maintaining the city’s finances.

Measure A requires all funds to be used in Arcadia and also requires independent annual audits and public reports to verify that funds are spent properly. No funds can be taken by the state, county, or federal government.

To participate in the June 4, 2019 special election, you must be an Arcadia resident and a registered voter. The last day to register to vote in this election is Monday, May 20, 2019.  Voter registration information can be obtained by visiting the County Registrar Recorder website at or by picking up a voter registration form at the City Clerk’s office, Arcadia Public Library, or any post-office.

May 15, 2019

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do we really know where the money’s going? Auditors get paid loads. How is raising taxes going to atttact businesses? I blame pensions sucking the city finances and union jobs. Crime increased due to early release of prisoners by, you guessed it, the voters on past props. You’d think with all the sales of new mansions and condos you’ll get more revenue. School enrollment is going down, less money needed. Police officers need to stop wasting time chatting. The citizens should do more and be vigilant. The Government shouldn’t do everything for you. Rather than punishing shoppers, they should put a parcel tax on the ballot. Or hold fund-raisers, there are many ways. Sadly the populace have been brainwashed. That’s what happens when Democrats take over. Higher crime, higher taxes, higher cost of living. California was once the beacon of prosperity, but is overrun by corruption and moral decay.

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