Workers at Santa Anita Worried for Their Livelihoods

Workers at Santa Anita Park Thursday morning for the press conference. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Fabiola Diaz

More than 500 Santa Anita backstretch workers and jockeys held a press conference Thursday morning to raise awareness about the people who take care of the horses.

Workers are worried about their jobs and want people to know that their livelihoods depend on Santa Anita staying open and succeeding. One sign read, “Horses are our lives.”

More details to follow as they become available. Another attendee’s sign read, “We love horses.”

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One 35-year employee of the track, speaking in Spanish, shared that if Santa Anita closes he will not have any means of paying for his rent.

This press conference comes at the heels of mounting public and political pressure for the track to close indefinitely following the increasing number of equine deaths at Santa Anita Park. Earlier this month both Senator Feinstein and Governor Newsom called for Santa Anita to close.

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Check back for details as this story develops.

June 20, 2019

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  1. Maria Case says:

    People need to realize that some of the people who work in the business have done so their whole lives. Generations of families, people who have worked in the business for 50 years or more, or some who are just starting out in their career. Many people who have worked at the track have gone on to get college degrees and worked at the track while doing it. Santa Anita employs several thousand people in the area, and not just the people who work directly with the horses. Bartenders, servers, dishwashers, pari muteul clerks, security, janitorial staff. I could go on. You have to think about those people and not the “rich, greedy” owners. Most of the folks I know in the industry are not rich. They are regular people who live in Arcadia, Sierra Madre, Monrovia, Duarte, etc, and have children or parents to take care of. They are our neighbors. It’s not their fault what’s going on at the track, and they hope it improves. It’s heartbreaking for them too, but they still have to go to work and earn a living. The vast majority of the folks who work with the animals love and care for the animals as much as the activists say they do. I’ve been to the backside. I know many people who work in the industry. These horses are taken care of better than most humans take care of themselves.

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