Arcadia Resident Dorothy Heffner Voogd Passses Away

Dorothy Heffner Voogd – Courtesy photo

Dorothy Heffner Voogd was born in St. Louis, Missouri.  Her birth certificate shows her father’s occupation as “shortstop.”  Her father, Don Heffner, was then playing for the St. Louis Browns.  Don met Dorothy’s mother, a St. Petersburg (Florida) beauty, while a New York Yankee rookie.  Don spent a lifetime in baseball, playing, coaching and managing in cities such as Baltimore, New York, San Antonio, Kansas City, San Diego, Aberdeen (South Dakota), and Barranquilla (Columbia).  Dorothy and her mother travelled with him, returning at the end of each season to their home in Arcadia, California.  

Dorothy graduated from Arcadia High School and matriculated at Stanford, where she pursued interests in English, art, and music.  She met Tony Voogd, son of an Ojai City Council member, there.  Dorothy and Tony were married in the Stanford Chapel on her graduation day.  Over the years Dorothy sang with the Stanford Chorale, the San Francisco Chorale, the William Hall Chorale and various church chorales.  

Dorothy was enormously supportive of Tony’s legal career.  She raised her son, Don, to be a strong, competent man. Dorothy’s wanted to assure that elementary school students were introduced to great music.  She furthered that interest through work with the Coleman Chamber Music Association, Pasadena Symphony Juniors and the Ojai Music Festival.  Alzheimer’s deprived her of memory and speech, but not her indomitable charm.  No services are contemplated, just fond memories of this beautiful woman.

November 22, 2017

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