Dorothy’s Place: Live with both?

My life will soon change. I’m about to become rich. Have you seen all the ads recently for the big Sweepstakes? Well, with no effort on my part, I’ve made it to the finals and now I’m mailing in the winnng entry. The camera crew and the Prize Patrol will soon show up at my front door. I’m going to win $5,000 a week for the rest of my life!
Dream on. What will I do with all that money? Oh sure, I’d like to buy a sparsely populated state and just turn it into a huge, happy home for all the abandoned and abused animals and kids of the world. But then, I’m not thinking charity and goodness today. I’m thinking pure self-indulgent pampering.
I’ll start with a new house and lots of rooms, each to its own purpose. Of course, a door on every room except the “parlor”. No one but me need ever see the inside of them except my husband and my animals and I might shut even him and them out of some.
I’ll have a humongous indoor jacuzzi with so many built-in jets that I can lie, sit or stand in any position and bombard any one spot on my whole body. Then I’ll have a heated massage table and I’ll hire a masseuse to give me a massage at least once a day.
Since my body will feel good, I’ll do my own housecleaning. I like to clean. But, I’ll never do grocery shopping again. No reason to cook either and definitely no dishwashing. No laundry. No ironing. I’m not being entirely selfish–think of the new jobs I’m creating. I’ll have a new $5,000 every week. I’ll pay very well.
What if…do you suppose…could someone else have the winning number? I won’t have lots and lots of rooms? I won’t have a jacuzzi? I won’t have lots of hired help? Do I need them? Nah.
I do have a bath tub. I do have lots and lots of friends. I do have a “parlor”. My friends don’t mind if my treadmill sits in one corner and my books are piled in another. My cats will sit in my lap in any room.
I wouldn’t trade all the wonderful love I have for even $5,000 a week. Then again, I could surely learn to live with both.

January 17, 2013

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