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RE: Sierra Madre Election: Fodder for Bloggers –
And MacGillivray Slams Gavel down on Mosca

To the Editor:
Re: Sierra Madre Mayor uses Position to Abet Political Attacks on Fellow Councilmember/Candidate for Reelection
I have read the accounts in both local papers of the most recent Sierra Madre Council Meeting and I am appalled. I always thought that one of the duties of a Mayor was to preside at meetings with an even hand to the end of conducting the public business.
About four people took advantage of the public comment period to lambast Councilmember and Candidate for Reelection Mosca. One spoke three to five times the recognized time limit.
Her Honor Mayor MacGillivray refused to enforce the time limits and when Mosca asked for an opportunity to respond she threatened to declare him out of order and have him removed from the meeting saying “You have to sit there and take it” and “I don’t need input from the City Attorney; this is my meeting and I’m the Mayor”.
Her Honor has been actively supporting candidates for Council other than Mosca.
If candidates supported by Her Honor are elected we can look forward to years of the Council’s being used for political attacks and divisiveness rather than uniting to focus on the best interests of the citizenry.

Eric Olson
Sierra Madre


I absolutely concur with your assessment of John Crawford. I don’t know much about John. He’s an enigma. John claims he is an executive at Atlantic Records, although I’ve never been able to confirm the fact. I do know this much, John has a lot of time on his hands. Whether or not he is a busy record executive, he has plenty of time to write a nasty, spiteful political blog that mixes truth with fiction, and run a slanderous city council campaign full of more acrimony and lies. For John there is no common ground-you’re either with him, or you’re against him; he simply doesn’t have the capacity to disagree agreeably. In short, John is an egotistical delusional blowhard-truly a legend in his own mind.

Hail Hamilton, Sierra Madre

Ok, I just read the Sierra Madre Weekly and Terry Miller’s attack on Mr Crawford. I have a few comments. First, I have always liked Terry Miller, thought he took some fantastic photos, and I’ve always admired Mr Crawford for his straight-forward approach to his writing. If memory serves me correctly; the Sierra Madre weekly used Mr Crawford’s aka, Eric Mundry’s articles all the time. Interesting that when it worked for them…they were all for it. Now that Mr Crawford is running for city Council, they don’t want anything to do with him! Politics at BEST! Terry, The cumquat was not a “parody” as you put it, but an obscene, infantile attack on well respected folks. Do you really think Ms. Angus enjoyed the “parody” against her?
Let us not forget that this all about free speech. I voted for Joe Mosca, because I believed he was going to preserve our town. I didn’t know then that he was a gay American and truth be told, I wouldn’t have cared. I still would have voted for him. I can guarantee you that on April 13, Mr Mosca will not have my vote and it’s NOT because he is a gay American, it’s because I think we need someone else who can preserve our town. It’s too bad that Mr. Mosca has decided to throw “homophobic” into the mix, or maybe you did that, Terry. I honestly expected more from both of you.
I’m voting for Crawford, Alcorn and Watts. Thank you all for running.

Sarah, Sierra Madre

Wow…Hail, you admittedly don’t know “much about John Crawford” but you can go on such a personal attack? SHAME ON YOU! Do your homework. Mr Crawford cares about our town. He’s been at every city council meeting. Where were you? Oh, that’s right, you had a column to write.
John has a real, respectable job. I really can’t say the same thing about Mr Josh Moran. He was quoted as being an “Account Executive” of what? I did some investigation. What I discovered is that he either does reverse mortgages or is in some kind of real estate. Either way, they both seem to be quite a conflict of interest for our city council.
It’s AMAZING that you can sit back and “claim that John is the biggest “blowhard” because you don’t agree with him – seems to me it makes you just as much as an “egotistical delusional blowhard” for your own column…funny how that works, isn’t it?
If you dislike the way things are done…I suggest next election you take out papers to run for city council….but I doubt you have what it takes.

Tom, Sierra Madre

Terry Miller-Your article hits John Crawford and the Mayor right where it hurts. I appreciate that you have brought up the negativity, misinformation and fear that Crawford’s blog and his followers feed off. The comments are the highlight that really show the dysfunctional side of these supporters. I wouldn’t allow my children to behave the way that the Mayor and Crawford have.
I have done my research and prefer to elect folks who are level-headed, work well with others, can see all sides, and know how to compromise to meet the needs of ALL Sierra Madre citizens.
While the Mayor and Crawford continue to do whatever it takes to elect certain people to the City Council, our city’s long term plans suffer. Also, with this dysfunction, we are less able to attract good, qualified citizens to volunteer in our City.
Some folks in town don’t want to speak up and tell the truth because Crawford and company can be very vindictive.
By the way, I stopped reading your paper while Sir Eric Maundry aka John Crawford had a column. I couldn’t stand his negative, egotistical tone. I also remember when “Sir” was booted off the now defunct Foothill Cities blog for his negative, harassing comments.

Sierra Madre Native


Mr. Crawford has never pointed out Mr. Mosca’s sexual preferences, and quite frankly they have no place in any campaign.
It’s ironic to me that your would state that Mr. Mosca believes that there is a “homophobic smear campaign” against him. The only time I have read “homophobic” was in an article YOU wrote about Mr. Crawford. If that isn’t inuendo, I don’t know what is.
Politics are not always kind. Take a look at Whitman and Poizner going at it everyday. Obama and McCain weren’t any better. I honestly believe that no one cares about Mr. Mosca’s sexual preferences; we only care about our town and his commitment to it. Plain and simple.
You and Hail and everyone else are no better in regards to the “nasty comments” and mean spirited attacks. Mr. Mosca is on tape telling an elderly citizen to “get a life”. Watch it, it’s on U-Tube. Folks are not voting on Mr Mosca’s sexual preferences; no they are voting on the promises he BROKE four years ago. It’s as simple as that.

Richard De La Mora Sierra Madre



RE: MacGillivary Slams Gavel On Mosca –
Sierra Madre Weekly March 25

Hats off to Terry Miller for so accurately describing our town’s Bully Pulpit! Two generations ago, “bully” was an adjective meaning superb/wonderful. Now it describes some of our elected officials, they’re arrogant bullies on the pulpit that is our City Council!!
Remember when elected officials served as “humble servants” of their constituents? Well, there’s nothing humble about the outrageous behavior exhibited in Council chambers by certain, seated members. Watch some of the meetings!! It’s not difficult to identify the culprits, their demeanor is as embarrassing as it is inappropriate.
Now we have a clear choice in Sierra Madre, and a chance to clear the air the foul behavior that has tainted the civility of our City Council. Voters can reject others of this ilk and elect three candidates who, I know, will put responsibility before rhetoric and character before character assassination.
I’m voting for Moran, Mosca and Walsh. Thank you all for running, and for giving us a chance to save Sierra Madre.

Robert Matheson , Sierra Madre

Bwahaha!!! Joe will do anything to avoid talking about his lousy record in office. Even play the “homophobia” card. The scoundral has no shame whatsoever.

El Kabong , Sierra Madre
via sierra

It is disappointing that your paper has accused Mr. Mosca of injecting baseless and irrelevant charges of homophobia into a city council election. I am confident you misquoted him.

Richard De La Mora, Sierra Madre
via sierra

The Mayor allowed Paul Hovsepian to ramble on and on and on. During her term as Mayor, Macgilvray has rarely limited public comment time. No speaker spoke for fifteen minutes. Get you facts straight. Why wasn’t the Mayor interviewed for this article? Our Council members should act as adults and be able to take criticism.
Trevor, Sierra Madre
via sierra

Why is it when someone feels they are part of a “minority”( gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc) and they don’t get their way, they play the “card”. ? In this case Joe playing the “gay card”. The people that spoke at the City Council meeting had all voted for him in 2006. People were mad because Mr. Mosca sought the endorcement of the Democratic Party. Candidates in our local election do not and have never sought endorcements from political parties.

Mosca Voter 2006, Sierra Madre
via sierra

Be prepared for 2-3 more crazies to bombard this website with attacks against Joe like they did on Tuesday night. Joe is a good man and a good councilmember. I voted for him last time, and I plan to vote for him this time. He has worked hard and produced results. Unfortunately, I also voted for Don and Maryann the last times. I will not be voting for them this time or in 2 years. They are an embarassment to Sierra Madre, but more importantly, an embarassment to themselves.

Scott H., Sierra Madre
via sierra

It would be nice if the city council would stop acting like they can control the whole city. I mean 5 people voting on things 10,000 people have to live with. Pasadena comes up with a smoking ban and Sierra Madre w/ the vote of 3 council people follows suit immediatley to do the same thing? Wheres the review for an actual need at the issues that are going to affect the citizens and not just the 100 people that go out at night or visit the city on Fridays or Saturdays. I mean where did the parking change from 3am to 2am come from? How does that make sense for people who have cars parked in front of friends houses that are coming home from outside the city that are coming from somewhere closing at 2? Of course they will get tickets, thats what the city wants I guess. Don’t fix something if its not broken.
I’ve been a resident for five years and think Joe Mosca has done just as good a job as any council member. And the past five years, I have seen the council do nothing. Thats pretty much what Sierra Madre wants, so I’ll vote for him.

Peter Line Sierra Madre


Boorish, rude, impolite and completely unprofessional behavior should not be tolerated in elected officials, especially in one who deems herself “mayor”. Let’s do away with her.
2. MacGillivray’s unseemly temper tantrum in an official City Council meeting is the perfect reason for all Sierra Madreans to vote for Joe Mosca, Josh Moran and Nancy Walsh.

Cookie and Eric Sierra Madre
via Sierra


The video of the last council meeting is up on the KGEM site:
This article shines a light on the fact that the Mayor’s primary goal is to get certain people elected to the city council. What happened with governing our city and fulfilling long-term goals?
Cookie and Eric-The Mayor’s behavior has upset a lot of people who were “on the fence” about the election. Instead of helping her, it has hurt her. These folks don’t want to vote for the folks that are associated with her.

Sierra Madre Native
via sierra

RE: New Blood Blue Blood Square Off
Arcadia Weekly, March 25

Unlike the Star News, thanks for this excellent article on the candidates and the forum, which I attended.
I am most impressed with Paul Cheng for his clear and realistic view of the much deeper issues signified by the lack of compliance with our signage regulations.
If there is still a chance for us to really come together as a community, I feel he is our best bet!
I like to think we welcome everyone to our lovely city, but that does not mean we must stand by while it visually becomes another country or close our eyes to unsavory “businesses” that might be okay in another culture , but hey,…this is America!
Mrs. L. Blocke, Arcadia

John…thanks for the informative article. I have posted some thoughts on the Arcadia Police Officers’ Association Blog at
The APOA stands firm in support and endorsement of Sho Tay, Mickey Segal, and Bob Harbicht. These candidates will look to the future of Arcadia and will deliver excellence in service to our Community.

Tom Le Veque, Arcadia

I agree. Paul Cheng was clearly the winner of this debate.
Go Arcadia

April 2, 2010

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