The Seven Laws of Success For 2012 and Beyond

By Harry Sneider

Principles by Herbert W. Armstrong that helped me coach and train Superstars, Olympians, and everyday people. They can work for you, too!

As we come into another new year many are asking the question, “What can I do to improve my life to be more productive, to be useful in God’s hands for helping my family, myself, and our nation?” Most of my life I have read books about success principles. They included books by Dale Carnegie, Zig Zigler, Rick Warren, W. Clement Stone, Bob Richards, Norman Vincent Peale, and of course the Bible.

Back in 1967 I came to Ambassador College to study a way of life that had a major impact on my life, my marriage, my home and family as well as my work. The head of the college had a keen interest in doing God’s will. He was a student of the laws that helped man to be successful in life. My mentor was Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. He told me that I had a gift of working with top notch performers in sports. In 1984 I was nominated head coach for the United States Olympic Team in Track and Field.

Mr. Armstrong wrote a wonderful booklet called “The Seven Laws of Success”. I used these laws in my coaching and training. They are very simple. They can be found in the Scriptures as well as self-help books. We as human beings need a plan to follow in order to be successful in life. Let me share these wonderful laws with you.

The Seven Laws of Success For 2012 and Beyond

1. CONTACT WITH, and the GUIDANCE and continuous HELP of GOD!
2. Fix the RIGHT GOAL
3.. EDUCATION or preparation.
6. RESOURCEFULNESS, for setbacks
7. PERSEVERANCE, stick-to-it-iveness!

This is a good time as you enter 2012 to set some goals for your health, wealth, marriage and family. Write these goals out using the laws of success and watch your life improve for the better. Without goals, without principles to follow, our life tends to wander and drift sometimes into some negative circumstances that are not good for you and your family. The Seven Laws of Success booklet by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong can be found on

Harry and Sarah Sneider have been teaching, training and motivating people to achieve success in their lives for the last 43 years. Their fitness center is located in Arcadia, CA. They can be reached at 626-355-8964 or

Photo Caption: Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong shakes hands with Dwight Stones, 1984 Olympian. Coach Sneider is in the middle of the photo taken on the Ambassador College Track in Pasadena in 1984.

December 29, 2011

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