Dear Editor: Something Must Be Done for Mr. Taglieri

Dear Managing Editor,

I want to share with you my congratulations for Joe’s excellent, tireless, determined reporting on Arcadia and in particular the USFIA/Gemcoin fraud case, the involvement of John Wuo and the cause of the victims.  I also want to commend Terry Miller.

Copied below is my recent message to Joe.  I am particularly proud to know that his reporting is one of the reasons that the group of victims found a voice and a champion leading to the raid on USFIA and hopefully the downfall of Steve Chen and his associates.  I hope they receive some restitution.

While it’s hard to feel good about John Wuo’s resignation and troubles, he did it to himself.  Without Joe’s reporting the lies may have continued indefinitely and perhaps no one would have questioned him further.  That’s what happens for the powerful, they are assumed to be truthful and they get breaks.  But Joe stuck with it while the lies mounted and eventually swept John Wuo out of office.

A free, vigorous, probative press is vital for a healthy democracy.  It can be a force for good.

In this case, that effort was led by Joe Taglieri.

-Tim Burch

October 14, 2015

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