Feeling Run Down, Stressed Out and Looking for Answers?

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Dr. Tamika Henry

Tell me if you’ve ever experienced this before:

You go to the doctor because you’re feeling a bit off. Maybe it’s a cough, or fatigue, or lack of enjoyment in the bedroom. The doctor looks you over, asks a few questions, and gives you a course of action to fix the problem – could be a prescription or a suggestion of what to do different.

You go home, follow the doctor’s order, and… you feel slightly better but still something is off. So, you go back, get a different course of treatment, and again you feel a little better but …

This happens because the doctor, through no fault of their own, is treating a symptom and not the root cause.

That is the difference between general medicine and functional medicine.

Functional medicine is not alternative medicine. As a certified functional medicine practitioner who is also board certified in family medicine the experience I described above is what led me to practicing functional medicine.

The tenet of functional medicine is to discover the root cause of why someone is sick. Whether you are suffering from fatigue, hormone imbalance, diabetes, or more, functional medicine dictates that your symptoms are a sign of what is really going on with you. A functional medicine practitioner will help discover the root cause and treat it so your whole body becomes healthy.

I focus on helping people understand that the mind and body are connected. I tell my patients, “Unlimited Thinking. Unlimited You!”

If you have been struggling with your health you should consider seeing a functional medicine practitioner. There is most likely something else going on that needs to be addressed.

My office is offering a FREE 15-minute initial phone consultation. We can talk about your issues and discuss options on how to get you feeling 100% again. Call (626) 389-8922 to find out more or to schedule your consult.

And remember, Unlimited Thinking, Unlimited You!

April 3, 2018

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