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Former Mayor of Arcadia Questions Proposition 15

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor:

Proponents of Prop. 15 tell you that big corporations will pay the huge taxes that it calls for. What they don’t tell you is corporations would then raise the prices we all pay for goods and services, leaving us the losers. They also tell you the money is for schools and local governments, which boils down to money for their pension funds. If we need money for children and schools, why don’t we just propose a tax of $100 per year on all households which would generate over a billion dollars per year and not be a burden on any of us. If Prop. 15 passes, it will cost us all a lot more than $100 per year. Prop. 15 is just what we don’t need now or ever and particularly now when we are all struggling to survive both physically and financially.

– George Fasching


October 1, 2020

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