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Letter to Editor: Reader Thanks Arcadia Fire Department

Dear Editor,

I would like the readers of Arcadia Weekly to know just how moved I am about a recent incident with the Arcadia Fire Department. I volunteer at City Of Hope in the Pediatric Oncology ward and on Wednesday, December the 14th I had just started my shift and man was I surprised. I was about to enter a patients room from a left approach when 4 Firemen and a dressed-up Santa entered from the right. I paused as they entered and circled the boy’s bed and began singing Christmas songs to him. Then, after presenting him with a Christmas gift a picture was taken with the fireman, Santa-(an Arcadia Fireman) and the patient.

To see the joy expressed in the face of this cancer patient for this wonderful gesture caused my eyes to well-up. And, the Firemen did this to each of the stricken children that morning. They do this each year-not on the “clock”, but as volunteers! They do this to bring joy this Christmas season to children who are in a world of hurt and who will clearly not have much of a Christmas as our children and grand children will, gathered around our trees in the comfort of our homes.

Way to go guys—you’re my heroes. 

– Sincerely, Jim McKellar

December 20, 2016

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  1. Frederic says:

    Alert Arcadia Residents:
    AUSD has a March 2017 ballot measure for each homeowner to continue paying $288 per year for another 18 years. This measure is basically a continuation of an existing measure put in place by voters 5 years ago. Now they want to extend it, but this time for a whopping 18 years!! Don’t fall for the hype. AUSD claims the money is needed to retain high quality teachers and other school perks. Why do we residents need to pay teachers salaries ? We already pay enough taxes. They also claim this tax will keep our property values high, which is false. Our schools do have high test scores, which of course helps drive property values up. But, it’s not just the teachers that are responsible for these test scores. Many Arcadia households have parents who are educated themselves and put strong educational demands on their kids. AUSD is simply trying to take credit for all educational success. Vote NO on the upcoming AUSD measure. Put your $5184 towards a better investment.

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