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Letter to Editor: Reaction to Postal Carrier’s Letter 10/6/16

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Dear Editor:

I know who the postal carrier is that sent that anonymous letter to you, and I need to protect myself from him. He has already threatened me several times, and goes out of his way to get himself injured. I contacted the postal inspector several months ago, and reported that mail carrier, but after seeing that anonymous letter in your paper, I know that this jerk is capable of anything. I cannot afford to have him deliver my mail, as he really goes out of his way to attempt getting himself injured, and may be trying to get on permanent disability. He walks in a clumsy manner, and does not pay attention to where he is walking. He mis-delivered a piece of mail again, yesterday, and I cannot afford to have that jerk deliver my mail. He really needs to be fired, and I will check with an attorney about a restraining order, if necessary.

– Deborah Jones


October 14, 2016

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