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Benny Bear’s Adventures on Father’s Day

Curl up with your little one this Father’s Day and read the tale of Benny Bear. – Courtesy photo

With a flash across the evening news, Monrovia’s local station claimed
a sighting of celebrities, who had recently gained fame.
They had appeared upon the scene, not very long ago,
and now their photos could be gleaned on every TV Show.

There were never two more handsome than these, free on the run.
No finer pairs of great brown bears than this mom and her son.
Now, the San Gabriels were the mountains where these bears made their home.
But, they loved to take a pleasant stroll and down to town would roam.

They never caused a bit of strife, but shared with all their charm.
Where they simply sought out scraps of food, and caused no one alarm.
The neighbors gave them loving names, because they grew to care.
The mom they called Ms. Betsy Bee, and the small one Benny Bear.

But just at dark, one night in June, baby Benny Bear went walking on his own.
He’d never gone downtown before, alone unchaperoned.
Back up in the forest, mom was busy foraging for something good to eat.
And she had not yet even noticed that her son had made retreat.

Well, it did not bother Benny Bear to wonder all about,
for he had been there many times when no one else was out.
The little bitty baby brown bear, who had come to see the sights,
was surprised at so many people all around, at the traffic and bright lights.

With curiosity, he toddled down to Olive Street to see what could be there,
for there just might be some kind of treats for a baby bear to share.
But his tiny soft brown furry self, was soon to draw a crowd,
and his private anonymity, was not to be allowed.

Now, what was so exciting there? He wanted to know too.
So he climbed upon a big bus bench to have a better view.
Soon his friend, the Forest Ranger, came to hold these strangers back,
though, of course, there was no danger there, except a love attack.

Oh, what was all the fuss about? He too wanted so to share.
But, it seemed from around the town, they’d come at him to stare.
He heard strange excited voices, and bright lights flashed off and on.
And soon the Forest Ranger would convince them to be gone.

Or so it seemed to baby Benny Bear, who waited in his place.
But he could not have been aware, that down the street did race,
a huge brown bear, who somehow knew, his young was there in need,
and from the forest up above had come with rapid speed!

Frantically, the crowd dispersed as he rushed through to gather up his son,
and ‘Little Baby Benny Bear,’ found his adventure soon was done.
Big Bad Buddy Bear was how his pa was known,
and at the sight of frantic fur, the watching crowd had flown.

They scampered back into doorways, and quickly up some stairs.
And peeking round from behind a tree, one ole’ gentleman declares,
“That cub was mighty lucky to be rescued up that way,
and ain’t it sure appropriate, cause today is Father’s Day!”

-Brenda Thomas

June 16, 2017

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