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Letter to Editor Regarding Condition of City Streets


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Dear Editor:

It is a lot of money to spend on desert plants, plastic (irrigation lines), rocks, and concrete for the entire city’s center medians. Especially because the city needs to spend money on safety issues and comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Any of the surrounding cities, like San Marino or Sierra Madre are still not putting their money on the brown center medians. Our sidewalks have a lot of concrete buckled up. It is dangerous for elderly and disabled people. This happened on Second Avenue, Naomi Avenue, and a lot of other streets. Especially, we have a group of vision-challenged people living near Live Oak Avenue – uneven streets can be very dangerous to them.

Also, between Second to Las Tunas on Live Oak Avenue, we have six street crosswalks but four without ramps to go down from sidewalks into the streets. Money can be used to make city streets more acceptable and safe for the disabled and elderly.

Some city bus stops on the sidewalk are without ramps for wheelchairs to reach the city’s fixed routes bus stops. One example is on London Avenue – a very busy traffic street. Individuals in wheelchairs have to wait for the fixed route bus on London Avenue, not on the sidewalk.

At the June 7 city council meeting, I heard that the city spends $50,000 per year to make disabled accessible ramps and address sidewalk issues. With that amount of money, it would take more than a decade to make city sidewalks and ensure other accessibility issues comply with the 1990 ADA law.

I understand that in the last city council meeting, the ugly brown center medians wording was used. I am wondering if city would spend 4 million dollars to offer ugly or aging Arcadia people cosmetic surgery, so the whole city can have all good looking people. I would be the first in line for it.

– Jolly Wu


August 30, 2016

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