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Reader Voices Concern About Incumbent in Arcadia’s Election

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Recently, the City of Arcadia has changed from city-wide voting to District voting. I live in District 5 where incumbent, Roger Chandler, has been challenged by newcomer, Joyce Platt.

Mr. Chandler has served as a Councilman in Arcadia for decades and has overseen and strongly encouraged unrestricted residential development, decimating some of our once-beautiful neighborhoods. These neighborhoods now exhibit chaotic, almost cartoonish streetscapes where once the development was compatible with existing homes and in compliance with our General Plan and Design Guidelines.

I do not suggest that Mr. Chandler is benefiting in any tangible way from his unwavering support of developers, rather I believe that some people simply have no sense of proportion or scale and no sense of tasteful design. Sadly, it seems that Mr. Chandler is one of them. And so, although we are grateful to Mr. Chandler for any contributions he may have made to our City over the years, I feel it is time for a change.

I am encouraging my neighbors in District 5 to vote for Joyce Platt who has lived in the City for over 40 years. Joyce is retired from teaching in the Arcadia School District where she was respected and admired for her intelligence, organization skills and innovative approach to problem solving and devotion to her students. She is well-known as a Community Volunteer who has demonstrated good judgment resourcefulness and leadership.

Her platform centers on crime reduction, reasonable and responsible development, balanced budgets and maintaining high quality education in the City. I believe the same qualities that made Joyce an outstanding educator and Community Volunteer will ensure her success as a Councilwoman.

Please consider casting your ballot for Joyce Platt. I can promise that she will give each resident and every issue a fair, honest and courteous hearing.

Billie Tone

– Arcadia

February 26, 2018

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  1. Laurie Thompson says:

    Way to go Billie. After working for many years as an Arcadia employee and as a resident of Arcadia you have a dual perspective. Your message to vote for Joyce Platt will bring common sense and wisdom free of outside influences back into the city council. It is time for a change! Arcadians, it is up to you to take control of Arcadia. Support Joyce with your vote.

  2. Henry Chen says:

    This Billie is just another member of Tim Bech camp. Let’s look into what they had done for past several years. This camp had created a group calling themselves “SA”, which wants to select their favorite developers. However, they are alliances with many large Manson developers, like Charles Huang and others. At same time, this camp has initialized HPO l, which will make 2500+ houses in Arcadia into historical reservation. It means that these houses will need special permissions to do any modification or decoration. It caused the house price dropped in Arcadia. Also, in recent council meeting, Tom wanted to take Arcadia money of housing subsidies away to help the homeless in Pasadena. This camp has many anti-Arcadian things. Why we have to vote for the abettor of Tom Beck??? Do you think all Arcadia are Moran ? Of course, Roger Chandler is much better choice.

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