Apache Football Has Arrived

Arcadians look to recreate the celebrations that came with the success from on the field in their 9-4 season. – Courtesy photo / AUSD Facebook

By Bradford Yau

The first week of August signals a few different things. School is less than two weeks away, Apache Day registration is days away, and Arcadia High School (AHS) football training begins!

AHS Football is known to be one of the most popular events that the school offers, as its students and parents support their school and friends in an interactive and exciting manner. Needless to say, the success of the Football team is dependent on the rise of attendance of games and therefore the support it gains. This is why the practice is so imperative for athletes to get ahead, as it allows them time to prepare for the season to start and familiarize themselves with the playbook and defensive schemes that the coaches want them to master.

However, for some players, the football grind did not start just this month, but about two months ago. Rising senior Aaron Yeung is one of these players. In his efforts to attempt to earn minutes this year, he “makes sure to consistently hit the weights and go for runs every night to practice and play well conditioned. No one enjoys cardio and it’s often slept on but it pays big time late in games.”

To be well informed and have a positive mentality carrying out these tasks is huge, and it is something that the entire team should adopt to replicate their CIF berth season that occurred just last season.

Not only have the benchwarmers had a great start to the season, but also the starters as well. Starting cornerback and Senior Ramon Morfin is one to have enjoyed the recent practices, as “he has benefited from the hard work and dedication that his teammates have encouraged him to do.” After watching a few of the practices and observing the players, Morfin’s claim seems to be true, as most of the players play with such vigor and high intensity: almost identical to as if they were playing in a real game.

After talking to a few of the players post-practice, their favorite drill seemed to be the “Oklahoma Drill,” a drill that involves hard hitting, and rewarding the last man standing. Not only does this build strength and better hitting, but it also brings competitiveness and a desire to win, which can translate into games.

AHS Football looks to maintain its strong characteristics and foundations that it used to propel a very successful 9-4 record last season and a first CIF berth.

Preseason practice usually gives a good indication to where the team stands and how successful they can expect to be during the season, so many can be optimistic to how well the team is doing at the moment. The first game is August 28 at La Salle High School, located close by in Pasadena. It’s definitely worth checking out the Apache athletes in their first game against a rival school.

August 17, 2017

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