California Bears play on the Arcadia County Park Lawn Bowling Greens

Sunday, March 16th saw the lawn bowling ladies from around the southland assemble to do battle for the “California Bears” Trophy. There were eight teams
of four ladies. The competition runs rather weirdly for those that aren’t familiar with lawn bowling. You have four ladies against four ladies. That’s a game
called “Rinks” or “Fours.” That means each bowler only has two bowls to use in the game. They play fourteen ends. When all the bowlers have bowled their
bowls, that is called an “End.” In Sunday’s games they played fourteen ends per game.

After the “Rinks” game ended they all had lunch. Had a few minutes to relax then it was time for the second game. This time they split up to take on the
other competitors. There was a “Singles” game (one against one).where each bowler had four bowls to use. and the other three team members played a game of
“Triples.” These ladies only had three bowls each.
After that game the host club served everyone ice cream. Gayle Plunkett, Vice President of the Santa Anita Bowling Green Club was hostess for the event.
It was a rather warm day in Arcadia, and the ice cream was a welcome treat. When the brain freezes subsided, the ladies were back on the greens again, playing……………..

“Pairs” pitting two agains two, for fourteen ends. This was the final game of the day. The bowlers started at 9:00 AM, and now it was after 5:00 PM.
That’s a full 8 hours of bowling, more or less. When the final game was over and the ladies went to the clubhouse to cool off, Izzie Forbes, the Tournament
Director had the wins and losses figured up and the winners were the ladies from Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club. They were: Kottia Spangler, Ann Nunes,
Dee McSparran and Eva Lee. Each lady received a square base with a California Brown bear on the top. With four plaques from 2010 through 2013. Now the
oldest plaque will be replaced with the newest winners.

Next year they will bring those trophies back for the next California Bears Tournament. They competed against Riverside Lawn Bowling Club, Long Beach LBC,
San Diego LBC, Long Beach LBC, Santa Barbara LBC, Hemet LBC and next year they will run into the same ladies hunting that elusive Brown Bear Trophy.

Santa Anita BGC did not have any entries in this years Tournament. Our best lady bowler, Margi Rambo is with the USA Team in China for the “Tiger Bowls
Tournament. They are doing quite well at the time of this writing, winning most of their games. After the “Tiger Bowls” another tournament in China and then
its back home. Hopefully with lots of medals (Any color will do).

Lawn Bowling is an easy game to learn. All you need is the desire to learn, flat sole shoes, and an appointment for free lessons.
The club will provide the equipment and bowls and instruction. The rest is up to you. To find out more about the Santa Anita Bowling Green Club,
go to their web site: and poke around and see what you can find. You can also go to the e-mail address: After you check it out, and want to take lessons, call Gene Plunkett at 626-351-5327. Ask questions and
set up a time to get going in lawn bowling. It’s FREE. Since the cool season is upon us, there is evening bowling under the lights, and daytime bowling too.
Drop by and watch and ask questions on a Saturday morning at 9 AM.
There are lots of bowlers wanting to tell you all about this best kept secret the sporting world. Like the motto says: “Lawn bowling is happy times with good friends.”

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-Courtesy Photo

March 21, 2014

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